Thursday, 30 April 2009

Another full week

It's been a week of events this week. Last week, my mother who lives in Cyprus, flew back to the UK and stayed for a week with her friend in Bury St Edmunds. On Tuesday, she took the train up to Edinburgh to stay with another friend so I dragged the husband and kids over to visit for a while. Tomorrow she and I are hitting Glasgow for some much needed catchup and retail therapy.

I also got my roller banner finally delivered and it's fantastic - huge, but brilliant.

I also got an unexpected email inviting me to take a stall at the Scottish Deer Centre in Cupar, Fife on bank holiday monday, so a nice trip upcountry is planned for Monday. I'm hoping it'll be busy (and profitable), but even if it's not, it's another venue to get myself out there.


Marion said...

Hope you have a good day at the Deer Centre - you'll certainly not be missed with your banner!It's a whopper.

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a good day. Love the banner! You'll certainly stand out!