Saturday, 28 February 2009

Panic mode!!!!

I realised yesterday that we're at the end of February (for some reason I though we had another week to go!). That means my first wedding fayre is this Wednesday...........aaaargh, I'm not ready yet! I've spent the morning up to my eyeballs in glue, card and printer ink and come up with a couple of newbies. Hope you like them. There's a few more, but you'll have to visit my website to see them ;-)

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

I'm back

Not that I've been anywhere, but this time last week I wanted someone to take me out back and shoot me I felt so ill. Anyhoo....I'm better and ready to go back to work tomorrow. I knew I was on the mend when daytime tv started to seriously get on my nerves, and I started to notice the mess in the house again. Once I started to feel better though, I did some work on my site - re-branded the whole lot and re-did some of my designs...and I think they're a lot better now. I did have to cancel going to a meeting tonight because I didn't want to push my luck - knowing my luck, I'd have a relapse and I can't take any more time off my dayjob. Frustrating having to cancel the meeting as I really enjoyed the last one - ah well, thems the breaks.

I also managed to do another design for my wedding stationery line - hope you like it.