Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Long day

I was up at omg it's early (read 5:30am) this morning to finish off a commission before going to work this morning. Highly confused the dogs!! Spent all day at work wishing I was at home making cards or outside enjoying the sunshine and now I have to have a quick meal and then I'm out again to a meeting of the Dunfermline Wedding Co-op. I enjoy these meetings, but my brain's fried by 8:30 so not a lot goes in my brain by then - thank goodness we get copies of the minutes! I've also realised I've got to do some artwork for an advert I've signed up for, make up some templates because the dogs ate my memory stick which had all my templates stored on it. Memo to all crafters.......don't have mischevious dogs or hide stuff really, really well. On the upside, I got an email to tell me there is a space at my regular craft fair next month if I want it......yes I do!!! So I'll be out at Balerno on 9th May.....maybe see you there.

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Braceletsnbrides said...

Sorry to laugh but the dogs eating your memory stick... With me its kids hiding things (or is that tidying up..)