Friday, 24 April 2009

Friday at last!

It's been an awful long week. No idea why because I've been really busy and that usually makes the days go quickly, but this week seems to have dragged. Anyway, I've got a free weekend for once - no fairs, no commissions (all done and dusted), paperwork is all up to date so I get to play this weekend. I've got a couple of family birthdays coming up so I'll be able to get those cards done this weekend and I really need to update the website. I'll need to find something to do to keep me busy or I'll have no excuse not to do the dreaded housework!


Anonymous said...

A free weekend? You'd be bored if you had nothing to do. My money's on you being up early and getting stuck into something and by Sunday night you'll have about 20 more new projects on the go!

CorriganCards said...

ROFL - you're probably right