Monday, 13 April 2009

The sun is shining and ....

It's such a beautiful day today - the sun has some heat to it and there's not much wind for a change, seems a shame to stay indoors but I've got loads to do today. Good thing I don't have work today! I had a bit of a panic this weekend. I got a commission to make one of my handbag cards for a lady and I couldn't remember what supplier I got the paper!!!! After much googling i finally found it, but it taught me a lesson. So today I'm going to organise myself. I've got a notebook and I'm going to take scraps of all my papers and note down the name and supplier of each one so I don't have this problem again. A little pendantic? Maybe, but I don't want to be caught out again. I've also realised I really need to stock up on 'out of season' papers when I use them in projects that are not necessarilly 'seasonal' projects. For example, this handbag card was made using a Christmas paper - not so easy to get in April! I also need to sort out my receipts for this month....the taxman sent me my paperwork and although it doesn't need to go back to him until October, i don't want to be sitting for hours working out my expenses for the year all in one go. I really need to get myself more organised.

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