Saturday, 17 January 2009


My printer finally gave up the ghost and died on me today. Not bad considering I've had it more than two years, it gets used daily and I paid nothing for it. So I now have to go and buy a new one. I did some research and, good grief, what a lot of choice there is out there now.

It used to be you bought a computer it came with a printer, you plugged it in and off you went. Now, there's mono laser printers, mono inkjet printers, colour laser printers, colour inkjet printers, all in one's with printer, scanner and copier and even all in one's with faxes included with the rest. Confused? I am!

Not only that, the toners or inks all cost different prices too and last different amount of times, so not only do you have to take in to consideration the cost of the printer but the cost of the ink/toner as well. Sense tells me it's more cost effective and I'll get a better print if I buy a laser printer, but my bank balance tells me that it'll probably have to be an inkjet one.

So now, do I buy a regular inkjet or do I get an all in one? Choices, choices!

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Anonymous said...

Personally, if money was no problem I'd go for a colour laser printer.