Sunday, 14 December 2008

Balerno Craft Fair

Did my last craft fair of the year yesterday and had a surprisingly good day. Made a nice profit and bought a beautiful wooden bowl made by another stall-holder. It's strange because you think you can tell who is going to buy and who is going to walk away - most of the time you're wrong! I like the Balerno Craft Fair - it's a very friendly atmousphere and most of the traders are regulars so you get to know each other. Carol, the organiser is really nice and friendly (and absolutely mad to be organising such a thing). I have a great deal of respect for people who take on this challenge........the ones who do it properly that is. Some fairs I've been to, the organisers take your money and sit on their backsides expecting the crafters to do all the advertising. I understand that we crafters have to advertise the fact we'll be attending a fair............but the organisers have the responsibility to make sure people know about the fair in the first place.......that's partly what we're paying them for.

I also got some good news this week - I was invited to join the Dunfermline Wedding Co-operative so hopefully my wedding stationery line will soon take off. I do love making wedding stationery, more so than any other type of card, but I think I'll have to expand my range a bit and bring in a few more themes. I have a few more ideas in mind but they'll have to wait until after Christmas. I have so much to organise........starting with dinner for 12 this year! I must be out of my mind!!! Never mind, it'll be fun............I'm sure of it.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent news! Long may it continue. I know how much you've put into all this so I really hope it works out for you!