Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Bank accounts

Ben opened his first bank account today and what a fiasco that was. It used to be, that when you wanted to open an account, you went down to your local branch, cash in fist and they exchanged that for a little book with the total paid in. Each time you paid in a little more, they added that in and totalled it up..........and if you were really lucky, they added a little extra in interest, and you got a free piggy bank for your extra pennies. Now, you have to go armed with birth certificates, council tax bills, marriage certificates (because my name is different from the one on his birth certificate) and all you get in return for your cash, is a receipt! Personally, I think they've taken all the fun out of banking - I used to love my litte red book.

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Anonymous said...

Tell me about it. Gemma wanted a credit card for when she goes to South Africa in January. She had to go into the bank (despite being told she had to apply online) then she had to change her account from a student one to a 'grown up' one and then she could apply for her credit card!

When did it all get so complicated?