Sunday, 30 November 2008

It's Chrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrristmas!!!!

It's official, it's the Christmas season - I've seen the Coca Cola advert!!! So today I broke down and put the Christmas decorations up. The house looks and smells gorgeous.......loads of Yankee candles all over the place making the house smell of cinnamon and mistletoe. We had to go to Dobies today to get a tree stand though because one of the dogs broke the one we had. I could've spent a fortune in there. Funniest thing they had in there was a singing Santa band - the kids loved it........there were crowds of them standing around the display, singing and dancing along. There were also lots of owl decorations around - what's that all about? You don't naturally connect Christmas with owls!! Personally, I thought they were a bit too realistic for me. Saw a black Christmas tree in there too and was sooooooo tempted, but I resisted. Have to say, it reminded me of one of my friends when I saw know who you are!!


Anonymous said...

Bad girl! So, so bad! It's still November...granted it will be December in a few hours but still...

A black tree you say???

I saw the Coke ad a couple of days ago and am enjoying the new Morrison's prizes for guessing why! Just can't get Christmassy yet though!

CorriganCards said...

Heh heh!!! Yup a black tree, thought of you instantly lol